Sex Muscles

When my friends told me “IT” wasn’t going to be the same after having a baby, I have to admit that I wrote them off. Pshaw! It won’t be that different…everything will bounce back to normal in a couple of months. I tried not to think about the damage that pushing a seven pound child through my lady bits would ultimately inflict, and I definitely didn’t want to entertain the idea that sex would be different, read: not as good. I mean, the vagina is a muscle, right? It can be toned back to original form in no time.

Wrong. It is different. My son is now six months old and I’m still not the same. I have to try a lot harder to reach the finish line, and when I get there, it’s just not as satisfying. It’s kind of like walking in a marathon….it’s nice that you can still finish, but not as satisfying as running and finishing in a blaze of glory. My muscles are lax and the stupid exercises they told me to do don’t work. My vaginal walls feel like they are slowly collapsing and sliding out the hole. Pretty picture, huh?

I know my husband notices a difference, too. We talked about it briefly the first time we had sex post-baby, but he hasn’t mentioned it since then. I think he just accepts the fact that it feels different, but he’s just happy that he still gets to have sex. That’s how his mind works…the “sex is like pizza: even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good” mentality.

Sometimes I’m thankful that he’s not a complicated person.

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  1. Sex is like pizza. Now that is something I'm going to have to remember.
    It wasn't any different for me but I had a c-section. My gf though told me she strongly believes the doctor stitched her up uhhhh a little too tight down there because after her bf (now ex-bf) who was well endowed had a hard time even getting the worm head through the door.